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Hearns & Son Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. 

For over 40 years we have been passionate about exceeding expectations, providing superior customer experience, and our word of quality for our customers. At our company the same prompt, courteous service is given to large and small jobs alike. We  strive to always give personal attention to every project and will help work out any necessary plans with estimates.  


Our History

Hearns & Son Construction, Inc. formally known as Hearns Concrete, Inc. was established in 1973 by Carl D. Hearns Sr. 

HEARNS AND SON CONSTRUCTION, INC. is one of the leading concrete construction companies in the area. We are concrete contractor and subcontractor serving residential, and non-residential (commercial/institutional) needs in Washtenaw County, Wayne County and surrounding areas.  HEARNS AND SON CONSTRUCTION, INC. is fully insured and is equipped to accommodate the variety of small and large scale, construction projects we've come across and helped build within Southeast Michigan region over the years.  Whether the project is small or large, Hearns and Son Construction, Inc. has both the ability and expertise needed in order to successfully manage residential, or commercial projects of all types. Our workforce includes highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professional trades persons, jobsite superintendents, project managers and office personnel in order to deliver exceptional results on time and on budget. We maintain effective communications and coordination between architects, engineers, government inspectors, general contractors, property owners and our team.  We have built a reputation for excellence and an impressive safety record and many solid business relationships in the community over the years. Contact us today to see why Hearns and Son Construction, Inc. is the go-to contractor for all concrete and commercial construction needs.


Our Specialities

Hearns & Son Construction, Inc. specialities cover all aspects of concrete including, but not limited to, 

Footings, Foudations, Driveways, Interior and Exterior Floor, Slabs, Patios, Porches, Steps, Sidewalk, Curbs, Flatwork • Surface / Crack Repair, Concrete Restoration, and Walls.

Overlay and Decorative Overlay Systems, Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Seemed Patterns, Seamless Patterns, Stamped Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Porches, Pool Decks, and Steps.

concrete sawing • concrete cutting • specialty concrete • concrete floor heating • concrete grinding • concrete polishing • vapor barriers • color and stain concrete • Interior / Exterior concrete floors including staining, dyeing, polishing, decorative and epoxy coatings   

Masonary, Brick, Block, and Stone

Excavation, hauling and concrete for any construction projects. 


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Flatwork, Stamped and Color Concrete Construction Flatwork .  As one of the leading concrete construction companies in the area, we've completed hundreds of types of flatwork jobs for commercial, and residential markets. Flatwork typically involves any type of concrete work which is located on a horizontal plane. This can include indoor projects such as floors and concrete stairs, or outdoor projects such as patios, sidewalks and driveways. Hearns and Son Construction, Inc. can provide complete solutions for all your flatwork concrete needs. We have the tools and resources needed to complete the entire process from excavation, preparing the ground with a support base, reinforcing with rebar or wire mesh, and pouring and finishing the mixture. Stamped and Color Concrete Part of the finishing process in concrete flatwork can include adding textures, often referred to as stamped or imprinted concrete. This enables many new design options that can replicate stone surfaces such as slate or flagstone, and other finishes can be made to look like tile, brick and even wood. There are many common uses for stamped concrete. It can be used to help improve the look of a pool deck, driveways, courtyards and patios and is considered an ideal outdoor paving choice. A variety of patterns can be used, and the color of the concrete can also be adjusted. Another benefit of stamped concrete is that it provides a cost-effective solution to replicate the look of the materials it is substituting.      Concrete Footer, Foundation and Wall Construction Concrete Footings   Properly installed footings of adequate size to support a structure are essential to the integrity of a building design. Whether the foundation system is shallow or deep, HEARNS AND SON CONSTRUCTION, INC. has the experience required to properly build the required foundation for any structure.   Concrete Foundations HEARNS AND SON CONSTRUCTION, INC. can handle every aspect of your concrete foundation and flatwork requirements from material handling through damp proofing and backfill.  Our commercial concrete foundation projects have included construction of load-bearing concrete pads, airport runways, industrial floors, caissons, piers, simple to complex foundations, and many other large concrete bases for various uses. Residential solutions include full and walk out basements, crawl spaces, retaining walls, plain or decorative driveways, sidewalks, patios, stairways and ramps.   Concrete Walls Hearns and Son Construction, Inc. provides construction of masonry concrete wall systems for residential, and commercial projects. Concrete walls offer superior strength, durability and safety when installed properly, and our years of experience, safety record, and proven results make HEARNS AND SON CONSTRUCTION, INC. a leader in the industry. We produce vertical masonry walls for basements, garages, out buildings, and retaining walls. We have the necessary tools and equipment needed which allow us to adapt to the many different requirements of concrete construction. Some of our projects have included, but are not limited to: Poured Concrete Foundations Concrete Slabs and Footings Parking Lots and Garages Retaining Walls      Sidewalk and Curb Concrete Construction Services    HEARNS AND SON CONSTRUCTION, INC. can perform a number of services related to concrete sidewalk and curb construction. We handle installation of new concrete sidewalks and curbs and can also repair or replace old and damaged sidewalks already in existence.  Concrete paver sidewalks, colored concrete sidewalks, stamped concrete and other custom finished sidewalks and curbs are just a few of the sidewalk and curb work we provide.


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